About Us

Created in Sydney, inspired by a love of music and fashion, Torn and Frayed provides stand out staples and vintage inspired boutique clothing. With a heavy focus on 80's, 90's and early 00's grunge and influences of high end couture the end result will guarantee holes and rips with a luxurious feel.
- Adj; having stimulated marks of age and wear
Drawing inspiration from the Lords of rock and the beauties of high end fashion each piece is meticulously hand distressed creating a high end luxurious garment that is a little rough around the edges.
Using ethically sourced luxe cotton fibres each piece is made with care providing the feel and comfort of your favourite go to vintage piece with the integrity of a brand new garment. Providing limited, exclusive runs and one off handmade pieces that embody the inner city lifestyle and personalities of the founders, you're guaranteed to be centre of attention.
We are torn+frayed. Join the club!